Beachy/Farmhouse makeover for $25

Beachy/Farmhouse makeover for $25.

I just stumbled upon this lovely blog post by Little Blue House By The Bay!  A beautiful post to cheer up the Monday blues 🙂

See this blank wall? I was getting tired of staring at nothing. It’s the wall with the television on it so it gets looked at more than any other wall in the house.

I get a little fidgety in the summer months and I’m always looking to change things up a bit in the house. Is it just me or are you the same way?

I saw this photo on Pinterest and used it as my inspiration.

I was out checking out Yard Sales yesterday and picked up a few things that I thought might spruce up that plain Jane wall.

I came home with two half-moon shutters and two other things that I have absolutely no idea what they are or what to call them (please leave a comment if you know what they are).

The oars, I bought years ago and freshened up with some milk paint and the letter C and straw hat are things I’ve had for years also.

The wall went from boring to beachy/farmhouse for about $25.

I realize that when I am out looking for things for my home, I’m picking up things that are a little “non-traditional” in the sense that I would have never thought of hanging shutters on my wall years ago.

Actually, I might even have found it weird. Now, I love the weird and tend to gravitate towards trying to find the object that will tell a story when someone asks about it.

The shutters were originally wood but I wanted a darker look to contrast with the white so I painted them with Fusion paint and distressed them a bit. I really love the look of these and at about $6 each, they were a steal!

I’d love to hear what you guys look for at Garage/Yard sales and what great deals you’ve found lately. Leave a comment and let me know about your awesome finds!

IMG_0546 (683x1024)

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