Every beat up dresser deserves a fighting chance :-)


Hello friends, thanks for popping by!   So when looking at this photo, and at first glance … What do you see?  I know this dresser may look just a bit tattered & torn.  I can assure you that the picture gives the allure of a quick flip!  It looks like it only needs little repairs!  This should be a quick turn around & instant profits if your in the business of reselling furniture!  Unfortunately that was not the case with this dresser.  

Upon first inspection, we figured at the very least a minimal cleaning, a whole lot of sanding & we’d have it in the painting block within days.  Sadly, this dresser needed a lot more work than we ever anticipated.   

On the one hand im lucky that my hubby does all furniture repairs & refinishing so I never worry much that a job is too big for my furniture hero!  Ehhhhh!  Not the case on this one, in fact, hubby hated it at first site, said it needed too much work & wanted to bust it up & throw it away!  So I’m thinking, I’m practically dumpster diving for these old dishelved pieces only to bring them home & have my very own restorer guy wanna do the same!  Quite a quandrum for sure!  

Well … Don’t worry!  This piece was not busted up & was not set ablaze!  I wouldn’t have it!  Having little to do with repairs, I’d figure I’d try to tackle it all by myself.  Luckily for me, I got it to the point where hubby felt sorry for me & my dishelved dresser and finally helped me to finish her up! 

The veneer was peeling & lifting so badly on both the top rounded drawers that it looked like peeling like piano keys, where at almost every inch it was just crack after crack after crack!  The two bottom drawers also peeling & lifting on almost every edge!   It looked as though perhaps the dresser was left in the rain or perhaps a moisture filled room or basement.

To repair I knew I was going to need a lot of patience & a lot of wood glue & clamps!  I first spent a few days just gluing down the strips of lifted & peeling veneer.  We then spent a couple of days just sanding down both the top & then all the imperfections throughout.  All in all it took about a week of repairs to get this dresser paint ready.  

I’m so happy to report that while saving this piece was a huge project in the end, it was totally worth it!  We saved another one from hitting the landfills!!!!!   As usual, I learned one important thing and that its when you feel a project is too much for even a specialist … Sometimes you just need to take a step back, breathe & realistically set a plan in motion to achieve a successful outcome 😉

Stop back later this week to see another reveal of an even more deshelved piece because a restorer’s job is never, ever done!

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