* Spring Has Sprung with Country Chic Paints *


SPRING HAS CERTAINLY SPRUNG here at Countryside Heirlooms and we have to give credit to our supplier, Country Chic Paints out of Canada ( http://www.countrychicpaint.com ) for providing such cool, fun colors this season!

These beautifully painted pieces of furniture certainly allude to the notion that perhaps the dressers were in fact beautifully intact and in perfect condition.  Beauty is certainly in the eye of the artist in this case because these pieces were far from being perfect when we gnabbed them!  They were in fact a far cry from being perfect.

IMG_7622 IMG_8426

Picked out of old vintage homes & a bygone era were these lovlies!  Two were acquired from a home auctioned off and the other a mover’s little blessing to us!  In fact, we’ve developed several relationships as buyers of those who clean out homes or do whole house buy outs.  It’s certainly one way to keep a constant inventory of pieces in stock if in fact ur at the level of turning painted pieces into a full-fledged biz!  We’ve noted the paint colors we used from Country Chic below each of these lovely pieces.


Country Chic – Full Bloom


Country Chic – Vanilla Frosting


Country Chic – Tropical Cocktail

And finally for the hardware, these gorgeous lovlies were adorned with pretty & high end looking glass knobs.  We typically use Hobby Lobby for all of our fine hardware and these were no exception!


IMG_9425 IMG_9416

One thought on “* Spring Has Sprung with Country Chic Paints *

  1. Gorgeous pieces! I love the watermelon colour of the last piece. Ive tried to get that colour to try out on my furniture a few times and the store never seems to have the right paint to make it. I’ll have to go back and try again, your photos have inspired me!


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