Discarded Buffet Turned Country Chic Glam With Minimal Effort!


Who would’ve thunk?  I don’t know about fellow diy’ers but we absolutely love repurposing, refinishing and updating large vintage pieces.  There’s something very special about saving old, discarded buffets!  Mostly every discarded buffet we’ve come across needed minimal work, were missing a bottom rung, scratched or just needed a great modern makeover.

imageThe one thing that has remained constant is that it seems as though that most every piece we rescued was discarded because it was hard to decorate a home with such a large, obtrusive piece of furniture that served little purpose.  I’m here to tell you that with a little imagination these pieces can and do become statement pieces in any home once refinished!  As an example, we added ivy green ceramic knobs which can easily be interchangeable depending on our home décor colors but we’ve used these before and we love that subtle pop the decorative knobs create for decorating.green knob    Great knobs purchased from Hobby Lobby!image

Walla … instant perfection with just a little color & Distressing 🙂


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