How Do You Modernize Old Country Hues into Classic Contemporary Colors


Hello friends, wait until you see what we have in store for you today!  When you think of blending an old antique piece of furniture in a modern urban setting … things start to get tricky!  Not only do you have to find the perfect spot for that piece, you need to coordinate seating, décorative accessories and rugs or flooring … it can be a very challenging predicament!

green dresser

Whoa, well today we have a great repurposed antique dresser that has been transformed into a beautiful statement piece.  Not only does it carry classic lines, fluted feet and a touch of distressing but after adding a pop of color this piece of furniture instantly transforms into a one-of-a-kind must have piece!  The body of this piece was painted in a classic white by Country Chic Paints but we took it a step further to modernize it and added a blend of sage, called sage advice, again by Country Chic Paints.  By adding this element of color its creates a soft and neutral blend of colors that matches up to most any modern décor with a perfect blend of hues!


This lovely piece that we picked up from a yard sale site is an exquisite example of a timeless furniture heirloom!  While we paid considerably more than we would on a project piece, it literally didn’t need any repairs, any fixes and the only TLC we provided was simply her makeover 🙂  This was definitely a win-win piece of history that we hope will be appreciated for a long time coming!  This piece is so classic that it could be decorated with very simple accessories and minimal effort!  We would gladly welcome the opportunity to get on hands on a dozen more just like this piece and we would definitely do it again, eagerly!

And .. For our before & after friends who love the before & after pictures.  Here she is before her makeover:   


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