For the Love of Stickers! (~.~)

IMG_9409Hi Friends … thanks for stopping by!  If you’ve noticed … we have a slight dilemma on our hands!  It’s called; glue, paper, stickers and lots of the them!!!!  Ok … let’s talk about the elephant in the room.  While we both loved the style of this vintage dresser and while we both thought she had plenty of potential … yes! … my husband thought I’d completely lost my marbles for wanting to take on this project!  Because yes … at first glance she might be pretty but on second glance … she looks like an awful lot of work!  So in tackling this project of course the first hubby and I do is tackle the to do list and assign a different level of tasks to refurbish a piece.  This one unanimously … or so I thought lol was assigned to hubby to figure out how in the world do you remove 200 stickers off the face of a dresser!  So we went down the list of arsenal trying to figure out the best remedy for tackling such a job.  From 409 to deglossers to scrapers heck to possibly a hammer and chisel, we knew this was going to be a huge project to tackle.  Thank the heavens above, we stepped back and assessed and reassessed but hubby had the bright idea of just throwing the palm sander on it and wreak whatever havoc it could to see where we would end up!

image imageimageimage

Well folks, luckily, the stickers must have been so old that most of them had literally disintegrated to the touch of the sander!  Wallaaaah, success —> we were so elated that this project turned out to be a piece of cake!  An hour or so later, hubby had sanded down every sticker & every drawer.  Albeit we had used a considerable amount of sand paper to effectively remove all traces of glue and sticker but this diamond in the rough turned out to be quite a gem!

Considering there was so much sanding on, we thought we might as well tackle the top of this beauty to peel back the layers to determine if we could salvage the wood and restain the glory back into the piece.  This piece turned out to be a total gem!  After restaining and then painting the gem in this beautiful turquoise hue from Country Chic Paints called Tropical Cocktail and finishing the body of the dresser in Country Chic’s Simplicity (pure white color), we couldn’t be happier with the results!

What do you think?  Out of curiosity, what would you have done differently?


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