Home school … It’s a beautiful struggle ;-)


I just wanted to briefly recap our home school experience as the school year rolls out and thank those supporting & inquisitive parents who helped, supported & gave valuable insights to ponder along the way!

Having completed the end of the school year @ConnectionsAcademy and can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed our time with CCA!  One of the things I loved the most besides knowing that my child wouldn’t be going to school to spend endless hours being bullied, at times ignored & made a laughing stock at times was knowing exactly what he was learning!  Having first hand knowledge of his daily lesson plans, upcoming homework & reports gave us a huge sense of gratification!  While parents in a brick & mortar school too know and help their children with their school work the major difference I found was that we weren’t just helping our son complete his homework but there was a tremendous amount of satisfaction ensuring what he read, he learned!

While I must say it was not easy on a day to day basis, it was gratifying being a part in one of the most important factors in our child’s life!  And we can say, not only did we support him but we darn near were mainly responsible for it ❤

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