I signed my son out of his PSSA tests, what’s your super human power ;-)


Well i’m happy to report that I had my appointment today to view my son’s 3 PSSA’s tests and had the option to OPT OUT should I wish to do so.image

Honestly, my anxiety had the better part of me this morning & going to bed last nite.  I thought, would they quiz me on my religious beliefs and bible versus I should know in order to fight for my son! Of all times that I wish my parents would have signed me up for Bible School Classes, all I knew was this would not have been a good time to try & memorize it in a matter of hours 😦   Even though I was sad that this opt out appointment was scheduled abruptly, it was because I had not felt totally prepared.  What I did do was some research on line this morning & I scoured several Opt-Out group pages on Facebook and jotted down a few notes. I revised my opt out letter to the school’s superintendent & off I went!

It was bad enough I had no idea where I was heading so shortly after entering the address in my phones gps .. Off we went!  It was just me, my opt out letter & my confidence!  I was prepared to fight till the end as there was no way my special needs boy could manage an hour let alone 8 hours in an empty room, with a bunch of strangers to take a test that meant nothing in the grand scheme of things!  Honestly, I was more concerned with would he find his way, would he be able to decipher the directions, whom would he sit next to and would he be able to endure the torture of sitting still for 8 hours lol!

The long & short of it was I really should not have gotten myself soooo worked up!  Aside from trying to bluff thru the nervousness, not only was it painless but it was one of the easiest things I’ve had to do in a very long time!  After spreading the 3 PSSA workbooks out, my scheduler offered me as much time or as little time as I wanted to review all of the tests.  Simultaneously as she spread the books out, I politely stated I had no interest in even seeing the tests and she kindly passed a confidentiality agreement to me whereby I agreed not to share any of the information that was in the tests.  Well, obviously, I can’t share anything I have not nor cared to see so just as quickly as I sat, signed & chatted, just as swiftly was I out the door with a huge smile on my face because I did it!!!!  I signed my son out of his 3 PSSA tests today!  Whew was I glad that was over!

If you would like information or would like to see a copy our opt-out letter, feel free to comment below or email me personally at mariamauras@yahoo.com!

Lovingly, Maria 💖

******     I signed my son out of his PSSA tests, what’s your super human power     *****

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