Our Home Schooling Journey


So I wanted to get some time under my belt before posting our experience with home schooling especially at this time in the ballgame.  Considering my son has attended public school for more than half a year and coming into home school so late in the game and having to navigate blindly our way thru the system, I think we’ve done a very great job!  I can honestly, I feel truly blessed to be where we are at the present time.  Home schooling by far tops trumps the long, hum drum days of public school!

While it was difficult to persuade hubby, it’s nice to see that we’ve all embraced this journey.  Not only do we know exactly what our son is working on, in every single class, but we are active participants in helping our son achieve his goals and help him feel better about himself in doing so!  All the way around, home school was the best decision we ever made!  I just wish we would have done it sooner.

I’m in no way promoting but wanted to make available the 2014-2015 curriculum catalog in case anyone was interested in exploring or researching.  I’ll attach their latest post for you to peruse:  http://www.connectionsacademy.com/program-guide/program-guide.aspx  🙂

cca 2015 brochure

Thank you all so much for your kind words and support during this difficult but fulfilling transition!


18 thoughts on “Our Home Schooling Journey

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    • I completely agree FC! It was a year long process for us. In fact it was one-sided situation that my husband couldn’t see or contemplate. Until I asked him to put himself in his son’s shoes and asked him to defend himself against the constant barrage of bullying and rude comments. Our son was incapable of understanding the social cues and the malicious behavior shown by his peers! Our poor lil guy, at age 8, was secretly scribbling he hated his life and wanted to die. Can you imagine a day in the life of an 8 year old who cannot express himself, cannot socially acceptably engage with his peers and always felt alone and out of place. Imagine sitting in a cafeteria filled with hundreds of students yet no one would sit with you. But the final insult came when his mid-progress report was sent home and our once stellar student was below average and nearly failing most classes. Its incredibly unfair to our Asperger’s Babies and I wish there was more the schools could do to educate our kids that as a society are sometimes hardwired different and to give them the benefit of the doubt 😦 Either way, I’m elated, I get to keep my son home under close supervision and continue to nurture, teach and show a lot of the things he needs to succeed without the social stigma!

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      • What an amazing parent you are. The sad part is that it can happen on the other end too. There are gifted children excluded by peers though they are seen as rockstars by the system. You never want to complain because you feel what is the use. It hurst the whole family. It so good to know there are options. Integration is not the only option & it is wonderful that your husband agrees now.

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  2. I know many of my friends in my hometown who homeschool their kids, but they are mostly 3 + kids in their family, so it’s probably easier for them. Our kids are in kindergarten and first grade and attend a local public school. We are pleased with the progress and teachers so far.

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    • Alicia … We were totally pleased w/ the successes our son had in the beginning stages of school considering he had struggled w/ autism/aspergers syndrome! It wasn’t until the end of 3rd grade & into 4th grade when not only was common core math was introduced but he was at the age where he was taking notice of the lack of social interactions & being singled out and isolated were too great to bear 😦


    • Susie .. We started researching the home schooling process about a year before we actually ventured into it full force! As soon as we noticed our son’s attitude change for the worse, when we started struggling to get him to do (any!) homework & little signs and the subtle and alarming clues I started finding his commentaries on class work (I.e., hating school, scribbling on class work, turning in tests with no answers and then the alarming notes where he started to write he hated his life, pictograms of others bullying him & sadly the last comment where he was rock bottom) we knew we had to act & act swiftly! We potentially saved this lil guy from one of the most traumatic times in his life … That’s how bad it was! Today .., he’s happy, loving, grateful & generally stressfree from the nonsense he experienced at public school! I honestly can’t imagine how much more difficult it was for him going thru this whilst suffering sensory issues & all the elements of social awkwardness! Yes!!!! Is all I have to say! Yes!!!! We saved this lil guy just in time! Who knows what this experience will help him attain in the future … Success!


    • Wendy … On the flip side it’s just as hard lol! Home schooling is not for the faint at heart. There are days where we may spend an hour or two on his lessons but then there are days like today where we’ve spent over 9 hours on his school work! I must say the most challenging has been working with and teaching him what he should have learned in school! Boggles our mind, especially hubbies, how he struggles on fractions & decimals … Hubby was frustrated beyond belief! But … To throw things into perspective, I told hubby he can’t get frustrated & upset with our son for things he “should have” learned at public school! That new perspective has changed the dynamics & we now have a better understanding with how we can help fill in the gaps to what he “should have” learned & that in & of itself is a blessing!
      We love the fact that we now have full ownership in our sons education! I love that he doesn’t have to struggle with common core math & I love that we are teaching him the joy of writing because until now no one has the oppt’y to teach him the proper way! So motivating & invigorating being involved in our sons day to day schooling! I love it 💝


    • Thanks Katie! One of the most important take home messages or comments I would love to share is that it wasn’t just our son’s struggle with Asperger’s syndrome that led us to this final decision but it was the lack of knowledge & confidence that ultimately set us on the quest to home schooling! Like they say, if u want something done right .. U’d be better off doing it urself & by golly that’s what we’re doing! Yes, it is incredibly difficult to keep a special needs child, motivated & on target educationally but we felt his successes were far & few between! Within 3 semesters of being curtailed under the common core math … Our A student was ultimately below average in all subjects! We were not settling for mediocrity & we chose to sacrifice & do whatever we could to help our lil guy out! Under par was just not an option 😉


  3. I too have been considering homeschooling our two boys. While my husbands family is all for it, mine is not and it makes it difficult when other family members constantly voice their strong objections to it. I haven’t decided against it, but it is on hold…at least through preschool.

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    • Tennille … It is not a decision u take lightly! We spend a good 4-8 hours a day on “home” school lol! When we initially started my son would be done 4 lessons in an hour until his grades started to reflect his effort (or lack thereof) we had to step in & we literally sit with him, teach him, show him step by step so he can learn the correct way of doing his school work. The phenomenal thing we love is knowing exactly what he is learning … What he masters & what areas he needs help with! I love that about home schooling! Love, love, love it! Because our son is bright but has Aspergers Syndrome .. We thought his intelligence would carry him thru & he’d be okay but that wasn’t the case. After a year of monitoring him & his grades & attitude towards school .. The negatives outweighed what little positive left. Aside from being bullied, ostracized along with losing all school support & taken off of his Iep because he had been doing so well … Once common core math was introduced that was all she wrote! He hated school, hated his life (according to him), hated being bullied and ignored and the final straw was receiving his mid-progress report indicating he was below average in every subject we had to step in & take action! And while it hasn’t been easy peeeezy, we have no regrets! I think it comes down to what is it as a parent that you want for your child!


  4. Sometimes children do best being home schooled. I’m working on being a teacher, but I completely understand why people turn to home schooling. Are you located in Oregon. The catalog’s company looks familiar.

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    • In terms of my kids performance so to speak … I would rather he be independent, happy go lucky, ready to enjoy life & take on the world. Unfortunately, I think, mainly due to his struggles as an aspergers child .. The challenges socially overcame what he could handle & rightfully so when he’s challenged with bullying, name calling & isolation a … These distractions far outweigh what even a normal child could battle. All that aside … Overall, he’s much more at ease, more willing to learn & in a month he’s embracing school & motivated to learning again & that makes me over the moon happy!


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