Congratulations are in order!

School Enrollment for 2015-16

I wrote about our trials and tribulations with our son, our Asperger’s sweetie pie!  Well, we’ve just been accepted to Commonwealth Connections ( a Pennsylvania charter/home school.

If you are wondering, yes —> it took a while almost three weeks to be exact but we’re there!  Now the fun begins!  Do any of the readers out there have any tips, suggestions or advice they can share with us?  We will be selecting his curriculum over the weekend and am excited to see that they offer a wide variety of topics both nationwide, some international pen pal opportunities and even gardening and environmental courses.  I can’t shout loud enough that I am delighted to see such a broad range of items and opportunities to not only become educated in core curriculum but in course work that will expand a child’s mind and broaden his horizon aside from just math, reading and history!

I’m excited for day trips, excited to take our son to the library again like when he was in his preschool years!  I can’t wait to garden and learn & teach him and plan our garden and why its so important to be knowledgable about the environment and foods we render from our own backyard.  I think what’s most exciting is not only that I will be there with him each step of the way but I can help him achieve a greater sense of self, others and the environment.

I’m still in disbelieve over the changes in the public education system and am so glad my son is out of the system!  It was bad enough he was struggling but to be a bright and intelligent kid who is floundering in the public school system is a disgrace!  When will these educators take notice that they are losing special needs students in droves!  What will it take for them to realize the potential and ability in our kids?  I feel bad for the many students who are stuck, floundering and passed over simply because they’re not understood.

I included a link to the Commonwealth Connections website above and I just found they also have a Facebook Page at Commonwealth Connections Academy in case you ever find yourself in our situation and at your wits end with your child’s education and emotional well being.  Thanks for allowing me to express myself and vent 🙂

2 thoughts on “Congratulations are in order!

  1. Congratulations! 🙂 So excited for your family! We are considering a charter school for my son entering Kindergarten this coming year and I am really hopeful it works out, I think it will be great for all for us! Whereas I do still think there are a lot of positive things about the public school system, and there are a lot of stellar teachers out there, I feel a lot of the same things that you do. Thanks so much for linking up to Monday Musings!

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    • Justine … I wanted to wait a week or two & have some time under our belt before responding. I truly wish we would have started home schooling sooner! I do get where the socialization & commeraderie amongst peers but fit kids with special needs … The crude, rude & incompassionate environment nowadays just aren’t healthy for our kids. While it took me a year to come to this juncture and unfortunately it took a couple of episodes to come to the realization that my little guy needed my complete & u divided attention & care! Luckily I feel it played out perfectly & we acted swiftly. Our mission is to ensure our little guys self-esteem & self worth are not compromised which it has been in the school environment … So many sad stories of him being bullied & endlessly called degrading names :(. Right now we want to rebuild it & preserve it so that he can succeed & survive in this seemingly sometimes cruel world.


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