Common Core Mathematics Just Aren’t Adding Up

common core letter from parent

Thanks to Mad World News and their latest blog on the new and trending common core mathematics are children & parents are having to suffer thru, they just released a letter from an angry mother who in addition to her son is frustrated and at her wits end with this new math methodology.  Too funny and had to share!  Any parents out there that completely agree or disagree?

8 thoughts on “Common Core Mathematics Just Aren’t Adding Up

  1. This is awesome! I don’t have kids, so I generally keep my mouth shut on anything related to kids since I feel like I can’t really relate. But, I also studied advanced math in my college years and working in the corporate world, I have also done interviewing and recruiting (I don’t anymore, but I do manage a team)…that parent is absolutely correct. If someone on my team took such a indirect path to solve a straight forward problem, they’d be on their way out the door. The real world doesn’t have time for that!! LOL I have yet to understand the premise behind Common Core math :-).

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  2. Common Core is the absolute worst. I’m a self-employed tutor and have taken upper-level science and math classes … basically, I’m not a dumb person. Yet sometimes I can’t even begin to figure out some of my little third-graders’ homework problems! They get so frustrated and feel dumb, not excited at all about learning. Every parent I work for feels the same. This crap needs to go!

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    • Rachęl …. I just said the same exact thing on another post. The overall issue is that u have entire families feeling dumb & stupid esp when there is one obvious & clear concise of doing the problem in simple terms. Makes no sense to me! Incredibly frustrating!


  3. I’m a public school teacher in the trenches of the “shift” to Common Core. While I don’t love the way it is being implemented, I also loathe the fact that so many people are in an uproar over it without fully understanding what it means. It’s a different way of thinking – it requires and facilitates critical thinking skills – it’s the same old math, just done different ways.

    With the roll out of the common core standards, a gap has been created because all of a sudden things you used to learn in 4th grade are now being learned at the end of 2nd, etc. So until those gaps are bridged, yes, there is going to be some difficulty.

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    • That is certainly another way of looking at it Breanna! The shift or gap in performance & the intense level of frustration is at the helm of the problem! They probably should have taught the parents this new way so that we could be more effective in helping our kids. Now … We have entire families feeling completely stupid & dumb 😦


  4. Try teaching it in high school. As a special ed teacher, it is hard because it assumes that all of our brains work the same way. I go to these trainings with the district I am and I do the problems in my weird way and the district math guru looks at me weird because I do it in my own weird way and get the right answer on complex problems in half the time. To me, common core is more about figuring out how to do the problem than actually doing it.

    Another problem is that in California that made the switch for everybody. My son is a senior in high school and for most of his school life, he in the “No Child Left Behind” teach to a standardize test. Then BOOM, in his last year of high school, that is junked and in his intro to calculus class they are doing common core. Basically a waste of his senior year.

    Here is the thing that people don’t understand-Not every kid is going to Stanford, Harvard or even where I went Cal-State Hayward but school administrators assume that we need to give them the skills to get into those schools. Most districts in California have eliminated all shop classes and gone to the A-G requirements to graduate high school (which means that you have satisfied the requirements for the UC system). It looks good to district officials to be able to say X amount went to college, it doesn’t look good to say X amount went into the trades, or became artists, bus drivers, etc blue collar jobs.

    Lastly, it is about the continuing dumbing down of our education system. I went to ghetto, hood high school where the standards were minimal at best and graduated 28 years ago. I got a better education than both of my kids in their new and modern high school with all the standards. They don’t want kids to create and think outside the box that they created.

    Sorry for being so long.


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