A true Coastal Beauty in CCP’s Midnight Sky Paint


This gorgeous decent sized dresser is serving a well deserved Coastal Beauty title!  While this gem was a veneer top over wood and may not be the most ideal piece to work with, if you manage them right, they won’t let you down.  After lightly sanding the entire top down just enough to sand one layer down so as to leave enough of the top coat veneer, we were able to stain as though it were a pure woodgrain top.  We stained this gem in a mahogany so that we could pair it with Country Chic’s Midnight Sky (a dark blue color) the end result was perfection!

In order to give the final product a pop because of their dark hues, we painted the handles a subtle silver and it was a great enough contrast that did not overpower any of the other colors.  We had a navy blue look in mind that we thought would make an elegant yet fun Beach Themed or Coastal Style look and end result … we were very pleased!  What do you think?


One thought on “A true Coastal Beauty in CCP’s Midnight Sky Paint

  1. Stunning!! I love the blue and coastal feel it gave the piece. I’m always worried about working with veneer. Thank you for the inspiration!!
    Thank you for linking up with Project Challenge! 😀


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