Beauty is in the eye of the beholder


So ….. do you see what I see?  Aside from the clutter surrounding this tattered around the edges armoire … do you see it ?  Never mind that the piece has no back lol or that it is unstable because the back actually helped shore up the sides to make it sturdy.  Heck, I could even look past the fact that the top curve was at some point damaged and nearly cracked and veneer peeled in what looked like a jagged serrated knife across the whole top curved piece.  If that was scary enough parts of the fancy moulding were missing.  While I had some experience in puttying wood pieces, would I be able to pull it off so that the piece didn’t look like a hideous inexperienced repair job that I just slapped together in order to sell.

Nonetheless … I saw a diamond in the rough!  I saw … potential!  Not only did I immediately claim ownership before even passing my money over to the seller, I was elated!  I wanted to save this gem!!!!  I wanted to rescue this baby and breathe new life into her!  I could look past all the flaws but when they tried to haul her to the truck … she was flimsy, falling apart and unstable!  I love the look hubby gives me when he thinks i’m out of my mind and wasting my time on these old tattered pieces because I give him the look back like …. you wait buddy 🙂  “You wait & see what we are going to do with this beauty … you won’t even recognize her,” I thought.  He knew the look, you know the look I’m talking about right?  🙂  It’s that sheer determination to transform and save these old vintage beauties; it’s a true passion!

I took the back piece of plywood that hubby measured & cut out for me to paint but instead of painting the back piece, I lined it with a pretty creamy colored fabric filled with abundant flowers and roses.  I lined both the interior of the cabinet and the back of the cabinet for some added zest!  I then had hubby sand down the top curved piece to shred away the jagged veneer, touched it up with some wood putty and feathered it out to the wood base and had him lightly resand the top piece so the wood putty wouldn’t protrude off the piece and would look like a repair piece.  I then used a wood putty and repaired the missing moulding and walla!  The piece repaired was a true gem as I expected it to be!

This is the refinished armoire painted in Country Chic’s Vintage Cupcake shell and Simplicity for the interior.  I added a rhinestone embellishment around the top (or crown/top) and added a rhinestone embellishment to the detail on the doors and it turned out spectacular I think.  What do you think?


For more great transformations, stop by our blog at Countryside Heirlooms to see more fabulous makeovers.



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