Living with Autism / Asperger’s Syndrome


So, hubby and I, we’ve officially withdrew our son from Public School yesterday.  Yes, it’s official!  And while it’s been a very long time coming, it’s still a shocker!  Our poor son was punched in the stomach last week for something so sad, so uncalled for and so unbelievable!  Like literally when you read why … you too will be enraged!  As the bus came to our home for after school drop off, my son stood up and to balance/brace himself … he touched the back of a neighbor’s seat.  Well, after several ridiculous names were spewed, the neighbor boy, turned around from his seated position and punched my son in his stomach.  As I walked down to meet him, since we have a rather long driveway, I notice his head dropped as he is pounding his pencils into the fresh white snow.  I thought he stopped to appreciate the crisp, fresh snow but when he finally looked up at me, all I saw was a sad, distressed, frustrated little boy.  The very boy I’m feverishly trying to protect from family, friends, school mates.  Countless meetings we’ve had with his school to make accommodations and help us provide a safe and supportive environment for our son and while the school has done fair in assisting us … this was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Unfortunately, my husband didn’t share the same level as frustration, anger and helplessness as my son and I.  In further discussions with the principal … we learned my son is the butt of every joke, rarely picked on teams or games at recess.  He was apparently dealing with a relentless mockery by his classmates.  Much like the cooties of our hayday … very few wanted to seat near him, be on his teams, partner with him or even sit with him at lunch so solo he ate most every day.  This is so repulsive and disgusting that I cannot contain my hatred to the countless bullies that pegged him as the class freak and school’s weirdo.

While my husband initially did not agree with my position of withdrawing him from school and vowing for homeschool, he came around very quickly!  I asked him to imagine his bus ride to school, where no one talked to him or wanted to share a seat with him. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, how would he like the thought of being called a slew of names and laughed at or ridiculed and the first bell hasn’t even rang.  How freaking sad!

Now … considering how much is going on in my life, i’m not 1000% thrilled that now I have to carve 6-7 hours out of my days to homeschool and teach my son but I quickly remember that just months ago, my son was pulled from his 4 year IEP to chapter 504 document that did not take into consideration that taking away the support system that a special need’s child deserves.  How do you explain that just 4 months later and in a very short amount of time, he went from an A average to a below average mid-progress report.  Now, I can’t say I will be able to get him back to that A average but by golly I am going to try.  If I don’t try … who will.

With that being said, please say a kind prayer that the good Lord has chosen this path for us … and that it was the right thing to do!  That just perhaps we will be able to turn this tricky situation around and will provide the environment our son needs to get motivated and excited about learning again!


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