Using Vinyl Expressions by Uppercase Living on Furniture Projects


I simply love the HOPE, Courage & Strength vinyl expressions by Uppercase Living above.  I would recommend decoupaging a layer after the application to the table and then a clear coat of poly or two to seal and complete the furniture piece.

We started by removing the brass cleat feet and then painting a chalk-style paint on the coffee table.  We then modestly distressed the paint with a dark wax.  We waited a day to ensure the paint was dry and then with my hubby we centered the applique and started peeling one side at a time then moved to the other side and removed the protective paper film.  Once complete, we decoupaged the vinyl quote to protect it.  We then applied 2 clear coats of poly and sealed it.

This is just one example of several pieces we applied vinyl expressions onto furniture.  Everyone piece we’ve applied to we’ve been very pleased with.  I would recommend applying larger expressions with a partner as you run the risk of getting the vinyl either crooked and/or during application other sections may try to adhere while your working on another side and you don’t want to risk tearing the letters and having to fix later on.

All in all, we love how this vintage beauty turned out!


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