Big Changes in the New Year for CH!

I’m super excited and happy to share some truly exciting news!

Things are going phenomenal on the home front.  Aside from dealing with nursing my mother back to health after suffering another stroke, we had to recently goodbye to our four foster kids that have been in our care for almost three years.  While our  foster kids have left to their forever home to be adopted it was painful and trying but that loss has in itself created an immense amount of blessings for us!  While a typical adoption process can take 3 months to a year, our kids transferred within three weeks and have left, my mother is fighting like a champ and the doors are open for new and exciting opportunities.  The Lord truly does work in mysterious ways!  🙂

Shortly after the kids’ departure and taking inventory of our personal goals, hubby realized how well the furniture business has been going and quickly decided this could be the time to expand the business.  Hubby has since decided to expand to a larger booth at a co-op in downtown Lancaster, PA.  He also has plans to modify our barn space into retail space and is even scoping out commercial space to buy/lease!  It’s so amazing to see the business grow in just under 2 years!  He will be expanding his inventory of paint lines to include both chalk & milk paints and is working on a deal with General Finishes along with selling vintage furniture pieces and the beauties I get to paint and dibble & dabble with.

As his creative outlet, i’m happy to announce a tremendous opportunity!  I’ve been selected to appear in Country Chic’s Blogger Squad.  How amazing was that did I think?  A hobby and passion turned into a full-fledged blogging opportunity as an artist!   Artist I say because what really is a furniture painter lol!  Hard to categorize what a furniture painter really is but short of a painter it is not!  Nonetheless this artistic genius has also been invited to blog for another chalk style company as well called, Madame Butterfly!  They are a relatively new line with a fresh, trendy and hip feel.  With all these opportunities and experiences, I am truly looking forward to share those experiences with my fellow artsy community.  A new booth opening February 1st and two offers from two paint companies to comment and blog on what I love to do most …. PAINT FURNITURE!

When you get a chance, check out our Facebook page at Countryside Heirlooms ( !  Let me know what you think! I’d love to hear your feedback.

Thanks for stopping by!


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