A little about us at Countryside Heirlooms

First of all, thank you for stopping by our blog!  While we will be mostly sharing our experiences with vintage furniture upcycling & restorations, we will also have plenty of before and after photos to share with you!  If you have questions or comments on our restorations or project how to’s, feel free to comment and we’ll be more than happy to help!

Our journey started a couple of years ago and we haven’t turned back since!  Believe it or not our quest developed thru these ever so popular Facebook Yard Sale Sites!  Not only we’re many people trying to rid their homes, garages & sheds of old excess furniture & objects but a whole new age of seemingly common moms were setting the trends & becoming momapreneurs!

The more popular the sites were becoming so were moms turning their old junk & objects to a furniture flip frenzy!  We were smitten from the start!  These old objects & junk soon became desirable old vintage pieces that were now banking breezeways, foyers, living rooms & bedrooms filled with chic, shabby, distressed dressers, buffets, coffee tables, side tables and beds!  As one of the first trend setters in a tri-county area, it’s neat to see how many have turned our passions into full-fledged businesses; ourselves included!  We vamped up & jumped on board quickly and started, Red Barn Antiques & Collectibles but after continued growth & expansion to offsite retail locations, we’ve since changed our business to Countryside Heirlooms effective January 15, 2015.  Visit our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/countrysideheirloomspage to see more finished products!

This blog is a culmination of some very cool transformations, the steps and restorations we’ve learned along the way as well as the many locations we’ve hunted in our pursuits of finding those neat, unique & desirable vintage pieces.

Thanks again for joining us!

Tom & Maria

Check us out on Facebook to see current & past projects at Countryside Heirlooms.

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